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Floor Acts:

We are pleased to offer the following selection of Floor Acts:

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Human Balancing


An art form where the performers balance each other in various gravity defying poses.  This act can be done with two or three persons

to see a video



The art full skill of object manipulation

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Team Juggling


The art full skill of object manipulation performed by two or more persons

Fire Manipulation


An art form that involves the manipulation of objects on fire such as fans, pois, staff, hand candles, fire blowing etc.  Performed by a single person or a group of four +.

See Video of Group Fire Manipulation  

Still Object Balancing


An art form where the performer many unusual items such as tables and poles, umbrellas etc. 

Rola Bola


The performer balances on a short plank of wood, which rests on top of a cylindrical tube. 

to see a video

Cyr Wheel


The performer spins inside a giant circular apparatus



The performer balances on two sticks in various positions



An act where the performer goes under a horizontal pole inches from the ground.

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Chinese Pole


The art of pole climbing involving acrobatic tricks and positions while holding onto a narrow upright pole.



The performer twists and shapes their body into different amazing formations.

Mini Trampoline


An acrobatic display complimented with daredevil stunts.

Table Balancing


The art of balancing on various sized tables. 

Magic/Illusion Arts


The art of mystery and illusion.  Kid Shows and Adult Shows available as well as balloon twisting, card tricks and illusion apparatuses.