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Training Programme

The Emanji Circus Arts Social Circus Training Programme was officially established in 2009 and currently provides training for over 30 youth between the ages of fourteen (14) to twenty-four (24).  The programme is free to participants and was created to train persons in The Bahamian community to become professional artists as well as to provide a safe and engaging environment that strengthens confidence and character.


With the mindset that any person can become at risk, regardless of background, and that the decisions to do crime is more prevalent for those between the ages of fourteen (14) and twenty-two (22), the training programme provides an alternative option to the “traditional” afterschool programme and is geared towards persons who are at least age fourteen (14) who have an interest in the performing arts.  Persons are not required to have any prior knowledge or experience but must be willing to learn and work hard.


Talented teaching professional artists volunteer their time to train, mentor and perform with the participants. Training sessions are held year round, four days per week, Monday to Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm each evening. The programme is presently located in Centreville at the National Dance School of The Bahamas.




Mission Statement:

To provide circus arts education to youth members of The Bahamian society


    Emanji Circus Arts seeks to add value to the Bahamian educational product by:

  • ·      Providing young persons with professional training, exposure and experience in international-standard theatrical performances
  • ·      Providing an environment that fosters creative discipline, positive thinking and the development of learning skills
  • ·      Providing opportunities for the correlation of the performing arts discipline to life lessons through mentorship
  • ·      Stimulating youth imagination through workshops and the theatre experience
  • ·      Being the cornerstone of concerted cultivation giving participants experience with leadership, the arts, self reliance, self motivation, and self management thus creating a powerful precursor to psychological inner strength
  • ·      Inspiring youth to consider pursuing careers in the theatrical and cultural entertainment industries thereby enhancing the Bahamian cultural product and ultimately developing a diversified Bahamian economy




Through the participation in the Emanji Circus Arts Social Circus Training Programme participants are helped to become contributing members of society because they are afforded the following:

  • ·      Opportunities for growth and learning not found elsewhere
  • ·      Positive and healthy alternatives to risky behaviours such as promiscuity, drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • ·      Less time and chances of committing or being the victim of crime
  • ·      Exposure to another avenue of employment that are not typical thus increasing their chances of gaining and or creating their own employment


Participants of the programme learn and develop social skills and show more self-confidence.  They also exhibit more positive feelings and attitudes toward the pressures of life and are more willing to share their talents with society. To date, over 45 youth between the ages of 14 and 25 have benefited from participation in the programme.   Many of them have gone on to work in the entertainment departments of the top hotels in The Bahamas.



Participants of the programme are taught the basic skills of many different performance arts.  They are taught how to safely perform the art form and eventually how to teach the craft so that it can be passed on to others.